Try my little game : TapTap...

You have 1 second to tap ALL blue diamonds (+10). Don’t forget one (-50). Don’t touch orange diamonds (-100).

Looks interesting! Can you give us a little description and perhaps a screenshot?

Will try it out soon.

My best score was 500… :slight_smile:

How about adding multitouch so you can press the diamonds simultaneously? You could use a table of touches and loop through with pairs.

@Simeon : I’m going to complete the description today. I began to program in bed this night without precise idea (just doing a grid). And I finished with this little game. I fell asleep after the post… You really do a good work with Codea ( the name “Codea” is more about programming concept and “Codify” about programming in action… You have done it in both way. Great ) . Thanks.

@Fred : My best score is 480… I will have a look on multitouch. Nice idea (it will be more easy to tap the blue diamonds… but the orange too… lol)

@Fred : Multitouch added… My new score is 1550 (first try with multitouch). To add a lot of fun I will add special symbols in the next release : score x2 and… score reset… ?! I will use a parameter to disable this symbols (to play the classic version).

I got 1720 just now. It would be cool if you added positive/negative sound effects for when you do something good and when you do something bad.

@Simeon : sound effects have been added

Only made 940… :slight_smile: my iOS5 app switching gesture got me… :slight_smile:

I am impressed with what codea can do!!!
I just played it and it is fun! I am sure i will learn alot of your code!

added to wiki