Transform Matrix

Would you be willing to add a function to apply a transform matrix directly, rather than by a rotate, translate, etc? My code calculates a unit vector, which gives me the cos and sin of a rotation. Then I have to use acos to get the angle in radians, turn the radians to degrees and then call rotate() which has to do the opposite again to calculate a rotation matrix. It seems rather wasteful.

Alternatively a rotateCosSin would meet my immediate needs.

Yes we’ll add an applyMatrix(m) function and a matrix class soon. We’ll probably have it in by the time 1.1.2 is approved given how long it’s taking :slight_smile:

Heh - I am making lemons into lemonade by repeating to myself “Apple taking a long time to approve things just means more features in the release after that”. :slight_smile:

That, and “Sockets, sockets, sockets…”

Yeah Dylan’s actually added a really nice image class for per-pixel editing and drawing, too. We’ll post more about that later.


Came across this thread while exploring rotation options this afternoon and was wondering whether said Matrix class and applyMatrix() function was something planned for the near future (i.e. shortly after Mr. Bortels sockets…) or for the far, far future.

Sounds intriguing!

We will be adding this, I can’t give you an exact timeline now, though.