Transfer code

I just found this out by mistake, but it might come in handy for someone else. I have an iPad1 and an iPad Air. When I got the Air, I backed up my iPad 1 to iTunes and then restored it to my Air, so everything I had on my original iPad was put on the Air. But here is what I just found out. Whatever I put into “notes” on one iPad shows up in “notes” on the other iPad. That means if I want to move new code or anything else from my Air to the iPad 1 or from the iPad 1 to the Air, I just need to put it in “notes”. The way I found this out was, I deleted something in “notes” on the iPad Air by mistake, so I thought I would get it off of my iPad 1. When I look on the iPad 1, it wasn’t there and I knew it should have been. So I created a dummy “notes” file on the iPad1 and sure enough, it was in “notes” on my Air. I deleted the file on the Air, and it was removed from the iPad1. So this might come in handy for someone else with multiple iPads that have the same “id” or whatever identifies the iPads as the same user.

Nifty! I used to iMessage myself the code

Another thing I just found out. I know how I deleted my notes file. A while ago I deleted old email files and wondered why some of them looked like files I had in “notes”. So I just created a dummy “notes” file and then went into the email folder “All Mail” and sure enough, there was the “notes” file I just created. So I deleted it and went back to “notes” and that “notes” file was gone. Why does Apple put “notes” files in the “email” files area and let’s you delete them as email.