Totally new to this

ok, I am interested in programming for IOS etc. and I am doing this already in Delphi for several years.
But l looked at the Codea Coding examples on this board , and I am totally confused…
Is this like a whole new language that I have to learn, or is it easy to pickup/learn ?
Seems like C++ which I don’t get at all… and having a hard time learning it…
Thanks for your time.

ps. is there a demo or trial version for this as well? I only see the full version in the Appstore

I come from VB, which is like Delphi. Codea is very like them, but is compact and elegant. It is also by far the easiest way to program graphics on iOS. I could never handle C++, either.

So it is a new language, but I found it fun, and I’m programming stuff I never thought I could.

There is no demo version, but if you want a taste of the language, try this ebook I wrote for people like you (NB Lua is the scripting language behind Lua).

My recommendation - it will be the best app you ever bought. That’s how many of us feel about it.

Slight change of subject but i feel you may beable to answer this, @ignatz.

can code from Corona on pc be used in codea and vice versa…iv not tried but I’ve noticed a lot of lines start with “Local:” which I’ve not seen on codea.

If this is not possible is there anything on PC/mac that I can continue my project on…I only ask because my iPads shared between four in our house.

This wouldn’t be directly possible, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be easy to port apps from corona as its very similar in some ways

Thank you… I just bought it and see how far I can get… I’m sure I’ll have questions down the road