Total newbie - Question about maps.

Evening everyone,

I’ve just been exploring this app and it seems really interesting. I’m just exploring it at the moment and just had a quick question concerning maps.

Does anyone have any code lying around that would enable me to run an app that would display a map of my current location and a little point at the center showing my current location? (Basically the same functionality that the standard ‘Maps’ app offers already with my ipad.)

Not sure if this is possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Something like that was done already. See this link.

or the first couple of items here

Thanks for mentionning it @ignatz.
The link to top of the page is :
(#3D targets a few projects below)

Thanks guys.

Dave1707, is this code ready to use. I don’t need to create a ‘Dependency’ or anything?

The original link above gets you to here and it works without any changes or additions.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the code above but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. Although it works, you have to manually type in the location you want and it simply brings up a map of the general area.

I was looking for something more like the ‘Maps’ app that comes with the ipad, where you simply run it and it would automatically bring up a map centered on your location with a little dot pointing out where you are, is this not possible?