as Prynok said before, there’s an edit button

Also, this is no chat so no need to post ‘brb’

I understand I just have some strange habits. Also why do you keep stressing about the dot button

@TheRogueBatcher, I’m not stressing, but double posting within a minute is just… not done

Try not to spam posts, it bumps your thread every time. We’re not going to be sitting here chatting, you say something and wait maybe half an hour to hear back.

By secure your challenge, @Prynok means you’re posting a lot here to keep your thread at the top for people to notice here. It’s not going to sink in five minutes, it could take maybe a week to get off the first page.

My honest opinion is that when you first came in demanding we all write tutorials I thought you seemed a bit bossy. Now I get you meant it as a contest, but it didn’t come off that way at first. It seemed like you were telling us we had to enter it and write them for you.

Well sorry… Oh well I guess I we say that this thread was a stupid fail!

Wait hang on where was I spamming posts?

All of this. You could’ve put half of that into one post, and there’s no need to say BRB.

Really? In that case is there a way to delete threads?

Oh and I didn’t even realise I was doing it! I was merely talking. Sorry if it seemed like spam!


that’s what I mean… instead of posting 2 posts after eachother within a minute… use the edit button to add your last words to your post…
don’t just add another post

Ok I will make sure I do that
Before I didn’t understand what you meant hehe

Only moderators can. This isn’t a “stupid fail,” but there are many tutorials out there. Google is your friend. (Physics example built-in too)

As is said before… This tutorial isn’t for me it is merely a contest

Can I delete this thread which now has no original post?

@Ignatz, id say yes.

I’m going to close this thread. It will then sink off the main page.