Topdown shooter with editor, splitscreen deathmatch and now CTF

Hey all,

Just sharing a fun little project that started when I was teaching my son to make a zelda clone …
Eventually it turned into this simple split screen topdown shooter . We’re having a blast machine gunning each other so I’ll keep on working on it.

edit: added CTF mode

Current weapons are gun, machine-gun, shotgun, railgun, planning on making a “bounce gun” (bullets bounce of walls) and a rocket launcher.
Drawing pretty tiles is damn hard though so proper art might never come… Currently tiles are binary (either walk through or not) but i will probably add a third type that allows shooting through…

Anyway, I’m looking for any gameplay ideas that we didn’t think about…


Very spiff. More power ups scattered around a large level would be fun, but I’m wondering if you need a “capture” mechanic to add secondary interest?

For example, you might have some puck-like prize that could be moved by shooting, with the winner being the one who managed to drive the puck into the other player’s goal.

Amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you do the graphics? I can only ever do pixellated stuff.
EDIT: Also, I think it would be really awesome if you added a Capture the Flag gamemode, but this would probably be most fun with more people; perhaps 4-way splitscreen? Or even local multiplayer, however hard that may be? Also I wanted to ask whether you stored your assets as individual images or as spritesheets; I have experience with both and seeing this I would guess the tiles are part of one big spritesheet.

Hey and thanks for the ideas !

@Mark Thanks I like the “shoot a ball” spin off idea a lot, will definitly try to implement such mode. For now I added CFT and it’s indeed very fun :smiley: improved the tiles a little bit too and added some space background for a nice parallax effect, video of me killing my son tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheSolderKing I did the graphics on iPad using iDraw (app called Graphic now). It’s a verctor based drawing app that’s very powerful… I gathered a few tutorial from this guy (including drawing the character, he gives the exact tutorial ^^)
I draw the tiles into a spritesheet then split them in Codea into many indivitual tiles in a t_x_y format for easy tilemapping. Each tile is an object with a few properties (texture, pickup, isSolid, decal, etc…) I also use a spritesheet for character animation but i’m about to change that

I did try 4 player splitscreen mode but I don’t feel it’s practical on a tiny iPad screen :confused: I’m really focusing on a fun split screen mode then i’ll work on local network .


This looks totally awesome. I’m also working on something split-screen as it happens, not ready to share just yet. I originally planned to add a LAN feature to my project, but I think I’m going to scrap that feature, because LAN is really, really hard.

This is amazing! I can’t wait to get it from the AppStore, if it’s published.

@knowledgecollecter Well I will most likely post the code here actually…
I writing at a lighter version of it with only the basic simple stuff as I’m pretty sure it might help people new to Codea. It’s a pretty straightforward tile engine ^^

Anyways, I wanted to make a nice video showing CTF mode running (and me owning my son), but I realised a bit too late I was missing a little something…

Slickety smooth. Continues to look very nice. Now, throw in some NPCs and give me a single-player mode. :slight_smile: