Top Secret Task

Welcome agents. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to write a program on the subject of spying. It can be ANYTHING. The judges will be helpful volunteers from the Codea community. Rules You say? There are no rules!
Well apart from stealing ideas but then again, this is a spying program task so I suppose it could be tolerated…
Post your programs in this discussion. If you would like to judge then post your name saying that you would like to be a judge!
Remember, it’s dangerous to go alone, take this.

No rules? Then I choose my hacker program. Its on Codea Community.

@TheRogueBatcher, interesting idea, the prizes, I guess, are top secret fame and intel? xp

bow serious, how much time do we get to finish this?

You get a 168 hours (a week)

The competition only starts when I have at least 3 judges

I guess judges can’t enter the competition? xd well i could be a judge if you can’t find 3 other volunteers

This will make good use of my inspector app. It’ll sandbox any project and let you look at all read/right calls and http requests. Make sure no one is grabbing info that they shouldnt be.

Too lazy to make a new project and too busy working on my Cook-Off project…

I do have a REALLY good encryption program though, I’ll put it on CC, it’s called AlphaCoSi.

Warning: WIP but works pretty good

@TheRogueBatcher i wont compete but watch the posts. So if you need a judge, i can do it.

I’ll see if I can fit in the time to enter

@TheRogueBatcher I won’t be joining the competition because I’m busy working on my builder game, but I will if you need it judge as I’m assuming that won’t take too long.

@Stevon8ter @Jmv38 @Luatee
I Would love it if you would be judges!
If you cant for some reason though then there’s no pressure
Respond if you will do it or not

Ok for me but there is a condition: your games will have to run on ipad 1… Confirm if this is an acceptable condition or not before puting me in the jury.

@Jmv38 Curious, What can the Ipad 1 not support?

Memory is quite limited. Games will a lot of big images or poor memory cleanup will crash codea.

@TheRogueBatcher it’s ok for me, i don’t have alot of time to make a program for this myself + don’t really have an idea, so you could put me in the jury

@TheRogueBatcher I’m in.


How is this scored?

I never have time to code, but an idea that’s been bouncing around in my head on this type of game (and feel free to steal it), is some kind of stealth mission type game where you have missions like, sneak in and kill someone, or sneak in and steal something, or sneak in and plant a bug etc.

Then the player gets missions from some communal anonymous message board. Then plot wise, try and make it really ambiguous as to whether you are working for the good guys or the bad guys (or both). And eventually allow player submitted missions, so you could outsource the actual hard work to other players and take a cut etc.

Maybe even get to the point where some missions are actually hunting down other players/finding evidence of their attacks, stuff like that…