I need help with making a timer that goes, 3, 2, 1 in seconds(like a clock) I’ve tried a lot but I can’t do it.

tap ‘timer’ in the google search box on the top right

@LL_Phoenix456 - I think you are trying to write apps far too early.

You need to spend a couple of weeks learning Codea and Lua (the language behind Codea) before you start doing timers or anything else. There is stacks of help on the wiki link above.

This forum can’t give you personal tuition, so you need to learn as much as you can yourself, and then if you get stuck, we will be happy to help. But you need to learn the basics first.

Alright, thanks!

@Ignatz I already know ALOT of Lua, but not the technical stuff. Here is what I don’t know: timers, os, vectors, tween, push matrix, pop matrix, push style, pop style, self, and Making games like asteroids. I also don’t know a lot of physics. So in a way, I am experienced. I just need yours, and everyone’s help to make me understand Lua and learn more. I made draw, and a new app is coming within a couple of hours. I know Lua. Just not a lot. Or the experienced stuff

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to teach every new Codea user personally about all those things, but I’ve written about a lot of those things on my blog, here, and an ebook on Codea (see link at top of the blog index), that may help you.

Yes that will. Just letting you know what I did and did not know. Thankyou!

That’s ok, we do try to help, but there is no official support - we are all just users like you, so the more you can learn yourself, the better.