Time to share my work in progress - video

Hi all,

I’ve been busy chugging away making my new game. You’ve kindly stepped in to answer my questions and suggest code answers to my problems and here’s the engine pretty much working with an intro cut scene 70% complete. It’s a vertical scrolling shootemup in classic 8bit style called #Starsceptre

The video starts with a loop of the menu so you can hear the music, then cuts to the intro before playing part of level 1 with some mid bosses (still being worked on).


The graphics each side of the game screen are just for youtube as it wants 16x9 clips

Let me know what you think so far…


This looks awesome! Love the artwork, did you do it, or do you have a talented collaborator? You’ve got the anime/ limited animation/ parallax layers look totally nailed. It also reminded me of all the discussions on the forum eg about ordering rects, making sprites flash white etc. (Just curious… Which method did you go for in the end for making the sprites flash?)

i tapped the video to start the game…

Thanks @yojimbo2000 - in the end I cheated the sprites to white by saving an additional sprite sheet filled white and switching sprite sheet image when it gets hit and then switching back. I think as my coding level is very basic (the game is basically a ton of if statements lol) I couldn’t focus on the shader you kindly contributed.

The graphics are all me and the code. The music is a long time collaborator 7Hz Research who is really cool!

What funny is the bald guy, the blonde woman and the evil green dude are all friends I’ve turned into anime style characters

Lol @Jmv38 ! Perhaps I should make a looping video on youtube of the game menu and when you click it switches to the intro and game video ? Lol

Nice look! Reminds me of one I used to play a long time ago.

Thanks @Ignatz, that’s the feel I’m trying to recreate!

This is what I was thinking of…



This is great and looks very promissing ! keep up the good work !

Oh I remember getting a chance to try this. Brilliant work. A lot of attention to detail.

The parallax on the walls and the way the ship tilts is really good.

Thanks all. I hope I finish it before Xmas as it would be a great present to have people playing it for real!