Tic Tac Toe - A Simple 2 Player Game

This is very simple but popular 2 player game. Hope everyone will like it.
Check the code here: http://codeupload.com/4666

Well done @rashedlatif!

Demonstrates good design-sense too (as did your clock design).

Oooh goody! I’d been thinking “wouldn’t it be good to have tic-tac-toe” and now someone’s done it.

You say “2 player”. You could make one player the computer, couldn’t you? Two modes: one in which the computer plays randomly, and one in which the computer follows the optimal strategy.

Thanks Blanchot for your comment.
Andrew… I could make one player vs computer but thought of going with the easy step first. Maybe I will add that feature as well. Now I like to play with vectors and see what I can develop. It a real fun to code with codify. Waiting for 1.1.2 so coding will be more flexible I hope.

Added to wiki https://bitbucket.org/TwoLivesLeft/codea/wiki/UserContrib

I made an AI that can play TicTacToe and other games:


Though I must admit that all my aesthetics are very… minimal/lackluster.

Hmm… 3D Tiki Taki Toe (I like to call it that)… I’ll try it…