There should be a networking example project.

In codea there are example projects for most if not all of codea’s features. But networking isn’t even touched upon.
There should be a socket project added that contains example code for a host and code for a client. It wouldn’t need to actually connect to anything only show people how sockets are put together so they can build their own.

I agree, but I think we also need to give Two Lives Left a break…networking is not even an official feature of Codea, its just part of Lua. Its kind of like saying we need a string.gsub() example project because that would be useful, but we can’t have examples for everything or the Codea app size would be too large. Still, I am finding it a bit hard to wrap my head around sockets as well and would love to see an example game posted on the forums that uses a simple implementation of UDP sockets, if not one that comes with Codea.

Because Sockets don’t have a custom implementation that’s designed to work with Codea’s API better, they’re sort of unofficially supported, which is why you need to import them to use them, rather than Codea’s other APIs which are automatically loaded. This is also why they aren’t in the reference, and why there isn’t an example project built-in.

I believe I’ll disect JakAttak’s socket that he posted a try to get an unofficial how-to example.

Sockets are not a supported feature of Codea, and are only there to build future features on top of. They are not publicly documented and you must require them to use them.

It’s more of a bonus for those users who have wanted them.