The coming Networking API on Codea 1.4: Code sharing is back via user code?

I saw Codea 1.4 is about to come with its main features are custom sprite and networking API. I wonder, has anybody in the beta group made a code sharing app? Say, it takes an URL for a file, grab the file, extract it as a project in Codea. Or the other way, it takes a project, compress it, then upload it onto an URL. Similar to the way it used to be with mail and, but from a user app. Is it even possible to make such app with 1.4?

You can’t currently touch or make other projects from within a project, or even modify the local one - so even with http.get, this isn’t something that would work.

You could grab chunks of lua code and execute them, in theory, on the fly, or persist them to local storage then execute them later. It wouldn’t replace the .codea file facility, not by a long shot, and you’d have to host it somewhere.

…Unless you use my file IO hack. But it would be cool to add saving projects and getting projects off the web to @Simeon’s “Codea written in Codea” app. I love that one.

Having read some other discussions, I’ve decided to delete this comment.

My code to hallp!!! (you can modify it)

function setup()
    local url = ""

function httpCB(data,status,header)
    if status ~= 200 then
        print("failed to download code")
        return nil
    local luacode = loadstring(data)

Having read some other discussions, I’ve decided to delete this comment.

I did some thinking and I would say it was very possible, especially if you create a new file type which contains a listing of all required files which would then be loaded in order.

This being said, I do not want to see Apple bring the hammer down on us as the http API has made a HUGE difference in my projects so I won’t even touch the idea with a 10 foot pole.