Thanks and bye


I bought Codea approx 4-5 months ago in the hope of creating some VERY simple games for a: fun but mainly b: the enjoyment of creating something.

After months of printing the guides out and spending 4-5 hours a day trying to learn lua I have decided I am wasting my time as, well, to be frank, I’m just too old or too thick to learn this and it’s time I gave in.

(No, I didn’t expect to be creating something like cargo-bot after 4-5 months, but I did expect to be doing some tiny things by now to show SOME progress, but no.)

Anyway to cut a long story short, I’ve just deleted codea and popped in to say goodbye to you all I know there are some very nice and helpful people here who have helped me in the past. Thank you all


@Mene Sorry to hear that!

@Mene Don’t give up. Possibly you were still trying to take too big of steps. Programming with Codea is easy once you get the hang of it. Load Codea back, then PM me by tapping on my name. Let me know and I will write some very simple programs with comments to get you started. If you have questions about the programs I will explain in more detail. I think once you understand the basics, you’ll be off and running.

@Mene Sorry to hear that. Did you give some on the game templets a shot? You could easily make them your own. Learning a programming language takes some time.

@Mene, don’t give up. I’ve some programming experience but made nothing cool in Codea yet. Interesting here is the “frankenstein-programming” that can be made with Codea. I’ve had a lot of fun with that :slight_smile:

@mene progamming is not that easy, and i understand that you may quit. But have you noticed that, even if you cant program, there are regularly playable games published on the forum? I have fun watching what others have done, even if i dont program them myself (like for shaders for instance). Maybe it would be good for you to keep codea just for that?

I barely understand programming and ive been using Lua for… Quite a bit, and batch files and VB Scripting for 2 years.
Don’t lose hope

It took me a few years to “get” programming. Once that change in thinking occurred, things became much easier.

@Mene sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you.

@Mene - Speaking from personal experience, I’d suggest starting with something like Stencyl, GameSalad, or Construct 2. Then ease into Lua with Codea.
I started with QBasic, went to BASIC, then HTML/JS, then Codea. Now I’m going to C# with Unity. I’d suggest not quitting. But that’s a bit bias.

I totally agree; it took a while for me to learn to think like a programmer. It’s very difficult when you first start out, so to anyone who is thinking of quitting, please take your time. If you pull through it can provide fun and good paying job/career opportunities, regardless of the language used (assuming that it’s a current language).

Mistreaper I’m sure you’re right but I simply have put my failing down to either my age, the fact that I’m thick (stupid) or perhaps a combination of both :wink:

@Mene It still sounds like you want to continue, as you keep posting messages on the forums. Your probably not stupid, as you are not learning the same as everyone else. We all learn differently, some people learn by tinkering around with things, others by reading, or hearing things said to them.


Good point @Prynok. That being said, a lot of tutorials are geared towards reading/structured tutorials. If you want to tinker, you’re on your own, and you need a great forum like this one.

@Mene - While Codea is the simplest way to learn graphics programming, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, and although I have written stacks of tutorials, I find it just as hard as anyone else. I have spent a whole week trying to understand one small thing, and I often feel stupid.

The only reason I know something about Codea now, is that I am very stubborn and don’t give up easily. I’m sure many of the others will say the same.

If you keep trying, you should find it starts becoming clearer, and you will have more fun. But that’s up to you. It’s not for everybody.

@Mene - As I mentioned earlier, Codea is not the best place to start for everyone. I’d suggest to spend some in a puzzle-piece coding environment like Construct 2 (if you have windows) or Stencyl. Try making a real game with it like Brickout or something. If that is too complicated, you might as well take a shot at Scratch for the very basics.

@Mene, how old are you? Where do you live? I’m 44 y.o., from Mexico.