TestFlight alternative HockeyApp

I noticed test flight took away their SDK which means no more live crash reports and other options being withdrawn. Not sure how well this works but for those of you that rely on crash reports this might help quite a bit: http://hockeyapp.net/

One major difference between these two is the price. TestFlight is free, whereas HockeyApp (weird name) has only a one-month free trial and then $10 per month, for only 5 apps (the cheapest plan). So I still prefer TestFlight.

@Saturn031000 I didn’t realise it was a trial, but either way I might try it out while test flight is transitioning to Apple’s domain.

@Luatee I forgot that testflight was coming integrated in ios 8. I guess it might be worth a try. How difficult is using apple’s default method?

Did you mean how difficult will it be when test flight is in the SDK? I think it’s as simple as building your app and saving it for ad hoc.

@Luatee I thought I read that betas will need to be approved by Apple (which I think is completely ridiculous and will really slow things down)

Test flight pre-apple was perfectly great, I don’t know why they had to change it up.