Take inspiration from other libraries

Thanks for a nice app, fun to work with.

It would be nice if you would add some functionality inspired by moai. For example animations and threads to be able to split up the functionality. A function to check if a touch coordinate is within a sprite would be nice also. Or transform to world coordinate.

Would also be nice with a sprite tool to crop an image in the photo library and select as a sprite, maybe with a wand tool to remove background. Would be nice for prototyping.

Another suggestion would be to use shader code, for effects, look at my app Paragraf in app store. I use the camera stream as input texture to be able to make effects with shaders written on the phone. Nice, but Codea is much more versatile. :slight_smile: Tell me if I you would like some code or help regarding that.

We have a fairly good animation class that @John is still working on. It makes motion much simpler. I’ll see if we can include it in 1.4.x (after 1.4 comes out).

The sprite stuff is coming soon. Probably no magic wand, though. But there are plenty of external editors on iPad and you could easily write your own magic wand tool and save the image in Codea (using the new features, coming in 1.4).

Custom shaders would be fantastic. Paragraf looks very nice. I think we are still contemplating what sort of UI we would create for uniforms — and how they would be linked in to regular Codea code. It’s not something coming in the immediate future but it’s always an interest to us.

Looking forward to 1.4!

@Simeon - Quick question about 1.4 that’s relevant to this: Can Codea save images that are Codea-rendered to a sprite pack? Maybe I could make a magic wand tool and save it to the library because as far as I can tell, iOS can’t save images with alpha to the photo album unless it’s off the web. Maybe that changed in iOS 5 or something.

@Zoyt – since Simeon has posted the broad strokes, I don’t think he’d mind someone giving an answer on this detail.

Yes, you can save an image created in Codea to a sprite pack (or to Dropbox).

@Zoyt yes, as @Mark says. But you can only save images to user sprite packs — those only consist of “Documents” and “Dropbox” in the initial 1.4 release. We’ll be looking at adding a “Project” custom sprite pack later on.

Thanks a lot. Great!