Syntax Module

In python it s possible to type :

from math import *
cos( pi - 4.0 )

instead of

import math
math.cos(math.pi /4.0)

is there a way to to simplify syntax in codea too ?


maybe this?

function setup()

function inportAllFrom(tb)
    for key,func in pairs(tb) do 
        if _G[key]==nil then _G[key] = func end 

it works fine but it’s enigmatic

not enigmatic:
1/ _G is the table of all global variables in lua.
2/ and math is just a regular table.
3/ so i simply copy all fields of math into _G, making them global…
4/ i test for nil bacause there is an strange tween error otherwise, because math.type is different from type, and probably used by a hidden internal tween function call.

Is it clear now?

@hpsoft not sure if this is what you’re asking, but you can assign variables to any Codea/Lua function to act as a shortcut, eg
cos = math.cos, or local cos = math.cos, and then y = range * cos(angle) or whatever. [edit]: this is doing exactly the same as @Jmv38 's code, just on a piecemeal basis, whereas his is comprehensive for an entire area.

@hpsoft - you can also modify or replace standard functions, eg to make the sin function work with degrees instead of radians

local ss=math.sin
local f=math.pi/180
sin=function(x) return ss(x*f) end
--now you can calc sin like this

thanks @Jmv38 @Yojimbo2000 and @Ignatz very usefull