Synch with dropbox causing codea to crash

When i try to synch with dropbox, sometimes i get the alert “synch error couldnt get file list from dropbox” followed by exit to ios. Other times there is no alert and it exits directly to ios. I am using the latest versions of ios, dropbox and codea.

If i were to delete codea and reinstall, would i lose all my codea programs?

If you delete Codea, everything is gone. If you have a backup of your projects, you can reload them. I deleted Codea by mistake once and had to reload over 300 projects.

@piinthesky Have you tried unlinking Dropbox from Codea and then linking it back again.

no that did not work. it gives an alert box ´unknown error occurred- there was an error loading dropbox. please try again’. the retry gives the same result.

if i export a project and copy to dropbox that works fine.

This morning, the dropbox synch works!? I don’t think i changed anything-strange! Great, now i have backup using @dave1707 method-phew!