SyncCodea : Air Code like

Hello everybody !

It is my pleasure to present my project : SyncCodea.

This project is for people who like develop on PC and have a dropbox account.
SyncCodea synchronise from a dropbox repository a project (set of lua files).

Create the project “SyncCodea”, copy, run and follow instructions.

http.request("", function(data)

In instructions, you need to register to my app. My web server haven’t a valid certificate, your browser will likely show you a message.

Add SyncCodea in dependencies. You need only a Main with

function setup()
  -- example : SyncCodea(10, "/Codea/MyProject.codea"):connect()
  SyncCodea(speed_refresh, dropbox_repository):connect()

If speed_refresh <= 0, a button named “Refresh” is available.

cons: You must code all on pc (because if you change file directly on ipad, they will be override by files on dropbox). [this can be changed, but need more time to code]

If you found issue, don’t hesitate to contact me, in this thread or via a private message.
If there are any questions, I would be happy to answer.

This sounds really ingenious — I believe the requirement to pause before quitting is fixed in Codea 2.0 (when refresh_speed is > 0).

So how does it work? You update the files on your PC and SyncCodea notices the changes, then re-runs your project?

Thanks, I can’t wait to see Codea 2.0 !
Yes, SyncCodea notices changes and restart the project. It found and save order buffer with multiple call of pcall, notice you if you have an error and continue notices changes while waiting for code with no errors.

Hi @HyroVitalyProtago,

This looks really interesting. Not sure how it works, like do you need to edit on your PC for files you directly store on Drop box. Or do you store on PC and sync/backup to your Dropbx folders?

This would be awesome if you could integrate it with love code a so that you can develop on the PC and install on the iPad to test, it would remove a lot of hastles I encounter at the moment with transfers etc.

Final question, could you set this up to run through your own website?




This is very slick :slight_smile:

I would prefer to see the Dropbox persmissons more limited. I am not real comfortable with full read write access to all of Dropbox.

@Pops is only meant to be you who uses it that’s why!

The system is the same as air code, develop on pc (and the difference is : in sync dropbox folder), and see the result on the iPad.

If you’r afraid of permissions (and I really understand), you just need a token : saveGlobalData(“SC_access_token”, dropbox_token).

But I can reduce permissions (in my first reflexion, I wanted access the repository Apps/Codea, and for do that, i need a big permission, but after, (in real, just now) I think I can just use Apps/SyncCodea folder (and it’s better))

Tomorrow, I change permissions. (I have no time tonight).

Just my paranoia due to not really understanding the underlying tech. I did play around quite a bit with it today and it is quite handy. Like some others here - the dark background on AirCode is hard on my eyes.

@Pops, sorry for the dark background. I have develop that today, I have not had time to make the design, but tomorrow and next week, it could be done :wink:

@HyroVitalyProtago I was referring to AirCode’s dark background. I love that SyncCodea allows me to use any text/code editor.

@Pops : Ah, ok, sorry for my misunderstanding, I was really tired x).

New app permissions !

Download again with

http.request("", function(data)

A folder named SyncCodea appears in your Apps repository.

For sync project, use : example : SyncCodea(10, "/MyProject.codea"):connect()
When MyProject is just under SyncCodea (/ = SyncCodea folder).

Have a nice day !