SwiftKey for iOS 8 & CODEA 2.1

Please make sure the SwiftKey keyboard works with iOS 8 & CODEA 2.1.
It is very good at predicting the word you want from context.
And you can swipe from key to key w/o lifting your finger!

@CodingOnNapkins — SwiftKey does work with Codea. In fact, any custom keyboard on iOS 8 does.

SwiftKey doesn’t have swiping… You’re thinking of either Swype or TouchPal.

@SkyTheCoder, you’re wrong. In fact, SwiftKey has phenomenal word predictions and one of the best swiping in the business.

@JakAttak swiftkey swiping seems to only work with the iphone version, not the iPad version (I’ve only tried iPad mini, assuming it’s the same for all models)

@Mr_Ninja, interesting. I’d only played with it on an iPod and a Nexus 7

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@JakAttak Whenever I try to swipe on the keyboard (with SwiftKey selected as my current keyboard, and with full access enabled) it just changes which key is darkened (that I’m about to press) and when I release just enters which key my finger was last on, like any old keyboard.

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hm? didn’t know you can acivate swype on ios 8’s swift keyboard… were are the settings?

@SkyTheCoder im pretty sure that swiftkey on the iPad doesn’t support swiping, (on the iPad the only ones know that supports it is swype) because that’s the same thing that happened when I tried swiping with full access and all. On ipod/iPhone wiping works great on swifttkey

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@Mr_Ninja - Even TouchPal supports swipe typing on the iPad, and it’s free (just letting you know).

@Saturn 031000 I’ll give that keyboard a try, thanks.