Support for iPad Mini

Is Codea going to be optimized to fit the iPad Mini once it comes out, now that the apple even is official? I’m thinking of giving my current iPad to my mom for Facetime since she works away from home? The form factor is right between the iPhone and iPad

I suspect that nothing special will need to be done to support it. It’s likely that it will have a 1024x768 resolution, with a pixel density close to (if not identical to) that of the non-retina iPhones.

I’ve heard that it might have the same resolution as the retina ipad, with the same pixel density as the retina iPhones. Either way, nothing would need to be done to support the iPad mini.

The resolution on the Nexus 7 is 1280 x 800, and the screen on the Nexus is physically smaller than that of (rumored) iPad mini. The combination is likely to make the smaller iPad’s screen look a bit rough in comparison if it comes in at the iPad 1-2 standard 1024 x 768. On the other hand, with the projected CPU specs and battery size, I can’t imagine that the resolution will match the retina iPad.

Honestly, if I’d never seen a retina iPad, I would never have thought of my iPad 2’s screen as anything less than stellar. The same resolution reduced to 7.85" should look very sharp to all but those who have been cross-shopping smaller devices.

1024 x 768 is likely the answer, though we don’t have to wait all that long to know for sure.

Well guys. The iPad Mini was just announced. As expected, it has the same resolution ad the iPad 2. I’m thinking of getting it mainly for Codea. Do you guys think it would be more like typing on the iPhone or iPad

About half way between, I’d guess. :wink: