Suggestions for finding game artists

Anyone have any suggestions for finding game artists, pixel or computer artists? I’m able to write code, but I cannot draw a straight line without the line() function!

Sketchclub is a drawing app with an extremely vibrat community

I’d guess It depends if your prepared to pay people or not ;-). If not, a good source of talent are often students on game design courses who’d I’m sure be up for a challenge and to develop their portfolio/showreel?

I’m sure there must be a raft of games development forums out there which have some sort of job boards for this sort of thing aimed at both paid and unpaid talent?

.@aciolino - I’m like you, can’t draw to save myself. I’ve used a dude in Denmark called Kevin to whip up some icons for my Apps. He does good work and is quick but last time I tried to use him he was booked out for months. His site is:

I now mostly use RedAlfalfa. Adam is a friend, so mention my name if you use him. His site is at:

My other go to site is shutterstock. My Photoshop skills are normally good enough to tweak an existing image.

All these options are going to cost you money…

My weird solution… I use Keynote or PowerPoint to draw. The simple, procedural objects (ovals, squares, lines) provided by those programs let me nudge things around in a way that I have real trouble matching in free-form paint programs, and both offer the ability to generate shadows, reflections, gradients, etc. I did the icons for ChipBots in Keynote, and I’m generating hordes of cartoon animals for Bull Puckey in the same way.

I can usually take an existing image and make something out of it that’s 1/3 decent. I can’t get it “good” though. :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not too worried about paying someone when the time is right to produce, for playing around I’ll stick to the “search and modify” process I’m using.

Any of you guys have a twitter account? Have you tried tweeting #wanted #artist for #game/app #development RT with #Interested if you’re interested.

Twitter is a good idea.

Some of my Keynote-drawn “art work” for game in progress, Bull Puckey.

Not exactly photorealistic, but it hits the look I’m after.

@Mark, those guys look great! How fun!

.@Mark - very good. How do you save them as png’s?

I gotta say this was a smart call! I went into Powerpoint and mocked up some graphics for Cofender in about 30 minutes. They are in the v2 folder.

I then did a copy/paste of the file into Paint and saved it as a PNG from there.

Not sure how to pull that off on an iPad since I dont’ have a decent drawing app on my device. Or Keynote.

@Reefwing I copy/pasted them into Pixelmator on the Mac. Any paint program that supports PNG files should do. I could actually draw them in Pixelmator, but that would involve being able to draw.

. @aciolino & all, I am new in programing, therefore also in Codea but I do some graphics every month at the job and for my personal need, I am not a artist but if you need help from me in exchange of some help from you I would be glad to help. I work with Photoshop, Gimp, Corel, Illustartor, Ink, Freehand and all 3d CAD softwares (I am mechanical designer)

@catalinanesia that could work. I’m actually trying to put together stuff to help other developers using Codea based on what I’ve learned myself, so this could work out well as an exchange of services. :slight_smile:

Inkscape is free for Win. Mac. Linux used for vectorial graphics. (
and Gimp is free for Win. Mac. Linux used for image editing. (

Interesting thread this to see what others are using. On the iPad, I use iDraw for vector stuff, procreate for 2d painting and photoForge2 for image manipulation (although I’m slooooowly coming around to psTouch as it matures and gets better). As for 3d, still nothing out there that cuts it yet on the iPad - so I cheat and drop back to Maya on the PC (which I use at work).

I kind of like the idea of doing as much as I can on the iPad to be honest, mostly for convenience and also as i really like the idea of the iPad as a credible content creation platform (rather than as a consumption device!). Indeed iDraw is an awesome 2d vector creation app, really does compare favourably to Corel/ Illustrator etc… and preserves transparency properly ( see other threads on here!) Similarly, procreate really is an awesome (and fast) 2d painting tool - wipes the floor with SketchBook and Brushes IMHO :wink:

I think Sketchclub is better than procreate, the main reason is that it has a great community arount it (much like this one) and developement is community based. here are some tree tiles i made for a simple pokemon inspired game not 100% done but if you guys like them i might think of dooing a sprite pack for codea :stuck_out_tongue: also if anyone is looking for a spriter to take part in his/her project i would be happy to help out

If you searching for an game art artist, maybe I could help you out. my website: and my deviantART account: here