Suggestion for app setting options

Just tried the new app setting on Codea v1.3.1. Nice. But I expect more options on the next update. Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Toggle status bar during editing. Coding with Codea is fun that sometimes it makes me forget the time. And I don’t like it when it does. I expect there is an option to display the status bar during editing.

  • Editor font size setting. To me, the given editor font size is a bit to big. I want it a bit smaller, about 2-3 points. But I also understand that there are some people who need different font size. So, why not make it a customizable setting?

  • Put the cursor back to where it was left after coming back from player. It’s a bit annoying that everytime after you run your code you need to find again which line you have just edited.

Well, I think it’s enough for now. Actually I got more in my mind but I don’t want to overwhelmed 2LL with my suggestions. Hope this will get considered. Thank you. :slight_smile:

These are good suggestions, I’d like to see those implemented, too.

I wish the project browser can be organized well when there are more than twenty projects in Codea. For example, the projects are organized in folders.

Very good suggestions, @bee

  • This is something that might be possible. I’ll have to try it and see if it causes any issues.

  • This is a lot harder than it seems, because of the way Apple’s text view control works and the way Codea manages syntax highlighting over it. It’s not impossible though, and the settings panel is the appropriate place for such a feature.

  • I agree that this is annoying and should be fixed. It’s supposed to be doing that at the moment, I’ll have to look into why it’s not behaving correctly.

@sanit agreed and this is coming. Some poor Codea users have over 200 projects (@Bortels comes to mind) and I have no idea how they put up with this.

I have 100, because everytime i want to change something Big in my Project i make a copy and change the Name (eg from 0.0.01 to 0.0.02), and i also load every posted Project and keep it for learning. My Project Bar is so messy that i always Name a Project : “A A A A A Crane” or something :smiley:

Thanks @Maxiking16. I hope we’ll be able to come up with a solution for everyone regarding this.

Oh, im Quite sure you will be able to, you always come up with a great solution.

 Some poor Codea users have over 200 projects (@Bortels comes to mind) and I have no idea how they put up with this.

I too have too many projects in the project browser. So many that scrolling back and forth has turned into a long unpleasant commute. And sadly 1.3.1’s make-over has done nothing to alleviate the unpleasantness…