Suggestion: Build in CC into Codea v2

It’s a long shot, but CC is exactly what I’ve always wanted in Codea from the start (I did request it once, but got ignored), but I usually assumed it’d be too big a job for TLL. Now that someone has made it, I personally thing it’d be GREAT if it could be included in Codea natively. I know this suggestion is also a long shot, but it can’t hurt to ask, can it?

Perhaps just adding the project to the examples, making it an automatic dependency for everything, and adding a button to open it would be sufficient

I would want to choose whether it was a dependency… Though maybe, a switch titled “Use Codea Community” above the projects when you press the plus button would be nice.

I believe, though, that Simeon, back in CC beta, agreed to host it when it was done, and (I think) integrate it into Codea?

@SkyTheCoder - I saw something about hosting, but now integrating it, but the thread got so massive, I stopped reading it for a while. Eventually, I picked up reading it again. That just goes to show the shear amazingness it has.
The main reason this would be great is because Codea doesn’t have a true cloud-syncing system. This most definitely won’t happen… But… What if TLL recruited the CC team into the Codea project?

I agree with @SkyTheCoder, you should still be able to select if it’s a dependencie, since CC isn’t all that complete yet, and screws things up when selected as dependencie (watch my binairo, and make it use CC dependencie in it and you’ll know what I mean

@stevon8ter, @SkyTheCoder - To clarify… I was thinking of a native (or Codea written) interface that is a mini-app (what I call the things like function reference, shader lab, air code, and sprite pack viewer that you see in the left sidebar) that lets you brows the projects, then the option to allow cloud-syncing in your app (not depending on cloud, but updates project accordingly).

If this does happen, just dont let apple know

I think the fact it isnt included counts to being part of the loophole that caused apple to remove it before

You guys are to kind! Let us get CC stable and then we can present it to Simeon :slight_smile:

We are currently working on using a Config file to list what dependencies and tabs to upload. You will also be able to set path and url info for any assets you are using. This will allow others to use your custom images and sounds!

@Briarfox +1 for assets!