Submit to App Store without a mac?

So from what I understand to submit an app to the App Store one must convert to xcode and use a mac. However, I do not own one. I was lurking around this forum and found some questions about this but they are all from 2012/ early 2013. So, has a way around this been developed since then?

I’m sure Apple wants you to buy a Mac, so I don’t think they’re going to allow any way other than using a Mac.

@RedCoder1 When you make a dev account and go through the process of packaging the app etc you’re apple account checks against some ID (serial number I think) on your mac, so you won’t build an app for anything else without being on a mac that’s registered.

@RedCoder1 you could use a virtual machine but likely that wont work

I tried to do that for about six months using various methods, such as virtual machines. None worked. Apple has it locked down tight. I ended up buying a broken macbook for a hundred or so, that barely functioned and used it only for submitting apps to the AppStore.

Lots of past discussions on here using online virtual macs such as

I think a few people have tried it, but unsure if anyone actually has managed to do the whole publishing route via this method. My opinion is that, certainly in respect to using Xcodes simulator, there would be a performance hit whilst testing (which already occurs even running it directly on a Mac!).

To cut out the pain (if you can afford it) - get a dirt cheap (via mac outlet?) or second hand mac if you’re serious about doing this. You certainly wont need an expensive high performance one to run Xcode and cross-compile for iOS. :smiley: