String.gsub and perhaps other unreferenced functions

Starting to get a bit confused. When I started out about 5 weeks ago, I ordered the “Programming in Lua” book and perused this to get my head around the basics. I’m sure I tried to implement some table function only to find it not supported and then realised there was no reference to it in the reference section. (So rightly or wrongly assumed that if there was no mention, the function wasn’t supported by Codea) Just looking at some data compression code posted by @Ignatz and reading through it came across a string.gsub command…which is obviously working and doing the job well…So look at reference section…no reference…check Lua book, yes nice description…so…does anyone know of any other Lua functions/commands which can be implemented by Codea, but are not mentioned in the reference section? As I’m assuming that if they are not mentioned they are not supported and therefore when programming am not considering these as possibilities to implement…I hope this makes sense…and that I haven’t overlooked something in the reference section…

@TheAbstractMan - Codea is based on Lua 5.1, but there is a newer version, Lua 5.2, with extra features.

@TheAbstractMan I posted a list inbthe forum of all the functions that’s used in the 1.5.5 version of Codea. The only problem is I haven’t found where it’s at. I’ll keep looking and when I find it, I’ll post the link to it. I could post it again, but it’s long and I’d rather post the link.

there is alot lua that isnt documented in codea. you better read online docs for each specific case and need.

@TheAbstractMan I couldn’t find the link, so I sent you the list thru PM.

Thanks @dave1707, yes, just through. Cheers

@dave1707, you listed them in and It’s been helpful on my learning journey!

Thanks @Time_trial I never found them and gave up looking.