Standard iOS UI

From the Wiki: (FAQ)

12. Is standard iOS UI support coming?
We have pondered this idea, but there are many problems. You can find many custom UI like Andrew Stacey's vector UI or Zoyt's Codea style portable UI sprite pack.

I can’t find the second mentioned but I believe they both dont’t mirror the standard iOS UI. I would really like to write little business or utility applications with Codea. Cider and cider2 library from this forum are really interesting but they dont’t even try to look similar to the standard iOS UI. I’m also missing table views and the possibility to write navigation based applications with back buttons etc. Is there something in the pipeline to be implemented directly in codea in the near future?

.@Spielkind it’s definitely on my mind. But it’s not a simple task, and would likely come along in bits and pieces.

A lot of the iOS SDK patterns and API calls don’t sit well with Codea’s design, so they would have to be completely redesigned. In addition, a lot of the flexibility you get with UIKit (UIAppearanceProxy and friends) would be quite difficult to offer.

But like I said, it’s on my mind. And if we do it, we’ll start small and expand out from there.

I’d love standard UI mode with callbacks to the lua code.

Anyone want to write a library that emulates the iOS UI controls? Back in the days of Palm OS, I used a mobile SDK called ‘Pocket C’, and someone wrote an inline library called ‘CControls’ that allowed one to add ‘fake’ Palm OS buttons, text fields, drop-downs, check-boxes, etc., to projects. The UI ran a little slower than the native Palm controls, but it was fine for simple projects.

A library with functions like ‘codeaButton(text,x,y,corner radius)’ would be nice to draw ui objects that would send callbacks. Just thinking out loud here…

There is one, search up cider.

@pgyore That seems like a question for a new topic, not one from over 2 years ago… But yes, there is Cider. It doesn’t look too much like iOS’ UI, but it’s good enough. I might try and make my own UI in the future, but it would be a while until it got released.

you can search XFC too on the forum. It is my buttons library. But maybe too complex to understand (but quite efficient to use, at least for me…).