Standalone files

A question for you knowledgeable chaps here on the forum…
If I write a program in Codea, can I run it within a website like flash? Or create an .exe file that people could run?
Or do they have to have some kind of Lua based program?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Quick answer, no. Long answer, here it is. You can use Löve to run Codea files on your computer. You can see it here and my little quick file maker here. I’m still working on a hack to make it in to a runnable file. It often doesn’t work though. Next answer, check out for a Lua runner, but it doesn’t run Lua. Next answer, you can run files almost like Codea files with Codakido. Although that syntax isn’t the same. Eventually, within the next few weeks, TLL is going to open source Codea so we can make editors for it. It’s also in their plans for Xcode export. I’ll keep you updated on my work related to that.
Hope that helps!