StackIt Source Code


I’ve been getting barely any sales off my game, StackIt recently, so I thought I might as well open source it. Everyone in the community would benefit much more than I am from it. Anyways, here it is:

It is under the MIT license.

If you find this code at all useful in any way, shape, or form, please consider buying the full copy on the App Store. Thanks!

The code is a bit messy, I know, so sorry about that.

@Simeon - If you have any interest in me cooking up a special version of this for the Codea examples, let me know. I would do things like make it work in Codea, make it obvious it was made by InterDazzle, not TwoLivesLeft, clean up the code/comment it, and more stuff. I would be happy to do so, and it would be a great example of a completed game made with Codea, along side Cargo Bot.


Thanks for sharing I will enjoy struggling to understand the code. I’ve already bought stackIt (great game :slight_smile: )so won’t feel guilty

@Zoyt Is there a specific reason why you are using PDFs for your images (i.e. do other formats slow down the fps)? I have been using PNGs and I was wondering if PDFs will speed up my game. By the way, I’ve already bought StackIt as well, nice work!

I think that PDFs are vectors so won’t be pixelated when stretched

@Staples - I cut the size of my app in half when I used PDFs, and @Coder is partially right. If I needed 2 different sizes of a heart, I could just re-rasterize it in two different sizes.
Glad you enjoy it!

@Zoyt - Thank you very much for open sourcing this! If I use some of it, I’d like to give credit where it’s due - how would you like that incorporated?

@athros - Just my name (“Nathan Flurry”) would be fine. Thank you!

@Zoyt I was wondering if you’d do this, generous givings. I’m going to nab a few things I like :wink:

@Luatee - Glad to head it’s useful! I usually open source the libraries I create in any project I do, but I don’t really use Codea that often anymore, and you probably don’t us native iOS programming, so oh well. However, if you ever do make the switch, make sure to check out what I have on GitHub (when I release my next app).

@Zoyt I’ve been slowly making the switch with Swift since the last time we talked, although I’ll always stick by Codea for prototyping and testing. I’ll have to take a look when, thank you.

@Zoyt, thanks for sharing. I had already grabbed the code through iExplorer a while back to see how you did some stuff, but it’s nice to see this here :slight_smile:

@JakAttak I also had the source code, I got it through a crash glitch in one beta version. I also took the chance to give myself “inf” StackPoints. :stuck_out_tongue: (Any plans for a “most StackPoints” leaderboard?)

@JakAttak, @SkyTheCoder, @Simeon - This is the reason I would’ve liked to see code security/encryption in Codea.

How did the sales go? What kind of promotion did you do?

I just checked out the game. It’s not free and it has in-app purchases. It would be interesting to know how many purchasers also made in-app purchases.

I’d hazard a guess that you would have made much more money if the app was free. You would get vastly more downloads that way.

@inoddy - Yes, I’ve had plans for a while to just make a quick update to make it free and have interstitial ads with iAds, but I’ve been too busy/lazy/absolutely hating Lua so I haven’t gotten around to it.
My sales didn’t go to well ($100ish), and nobody would feature it, no matter what I did, even though I didn’t throw in any money. I don’t really care if this app doesn’t get any more downloads anymore, since it was really a learning experience. I’m pretty confident that my next product I’m working on should take off.

@Zoyt If I remember correctly, when you look at the leaderboards, there were around 5,000 players. Doesn’t mean you had over 5,000 downloads? You would have over $3,500.

@Staples - Long story. If you remember, I mentioned that I was going to be featured on AppGratis a few times. After being bumped back one time due to “internal business changes”, I was finally featured. However, it only lasted an hour or two before someone payed AppGratis to take my place. Therefore, I only got about 12K download, and no in-app purchases, so I made no money that day. However, even though my appearance on the website was cancelled, I’d like to thank the lady who discovered my app and gave me a chance to grow my app.

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