Stack overflow and print.

Hi. Whats the stack depth set to? I seem to hit the roof with my buggy code. I’ve seen that when you do that, sometimes Codea just stops, and never prints out any debug information. Is this a known issue? Makes it harder for me to find my bug… :slight_smile:

I figured out how to debug the code on my laptop though. :slight_smile:

The current version feels a bit unstable, it has died quite a few times for me, while making the iPad kneel and calculate some constructive solid geometry in Lua. :slight_smile:

Wow, very impressive.

Apologies for the instability, I’m hoping 1.4.6 will be approved soon, which attempts to address these issues.

Cool, CSG in Codea :slight_smile: How do you debug on your laptop? Is it possible to debug Codea code in XCode?

The CSG code can run independent of Codea, so I just tried that part of the program with the normal Lua interpreter on the laptop.