SQLLite (or any) database planned in the future?

Does Codea have any plans to link and DBMS into it’s core?

Until Codea does, I’ll be doing simple coding against MOAI’s API. While extremely cumbersome to manage two seperate sets of code (server side vs. client side), it at least does operate. I’ve got the core of simple scoreboard system set up with it.

MOAI looks cool, but it’s really poorly documented.

I’ve been thinking of doing something that’s not really a database, but patterned more after C# data sets. Kind of serialized tables with filters.

So you’d do something like this…

ds = dataSet("firstname, lastname, address,city,state,zip")

ds.insert("John|Smith|100 Main St.|Springfiel|IL|12345")

ds.update("firstname='Bill'", "lastname='Smith'") // second argument is the where clause


subset = ds.select("firstname='John'")

With the whole table being dumped as a delimited blob after each insert, update, or delete.

Would that serve?

Persistent storage with a query language would be an interesting API design to explore. I’m not really sure SQL is a good fit. Perhaps something along the lines of Core Data, with a visual model editor, easy predicate language, and arbitrary backing store would be good.

As soon as 1.5 is out, I’ll have no time, but until then, MOAI is my query and backing store for external data. I’ll have to hack a simple global data list for local storage…

So, yes, Core API would be nice. And throw in Apple Widgets, too :slight_smile: