sprites on normal/retina iPad

hi, How it looks like when game is made for retina display (sprites are in HD) and you run this game on normal iPad (1,2gen)? Are sprites automatically drawing in lower resolution? or they have to be in 2 resolutions and on beggining there are choosen correct?

The default behaviour is for everything to look the same size on retina display or non-retina display.

If you have an image with an “filename@2x.png” extension in the same folder as “filename.png” then Codea will load the @2x version on retina displays. This allows you to display sharper artwork automatically on retina displays.

If Codea doesn’t find the @2x version, it will simply make sure the original sprite is rendered at the same logical size on retina (so it looks the same size, but may be slightly blurry).