Spritely size

Is there a way to make a 256x256 or anything bigger than 32x32 sprite using the inbuilt spritely demo code? Something that you can edit in the code to do so, or anything else…

Well I find a solution to the problem by looking into the code for sometime but now the new problem is that the frame rate drops to 1FPS if i completely fill a 64x64 box is my method wrong or what. What I did to get bigger size is that in the main tab under sliderId I changed the 6 parameter which sets the number of maximum pixels.

I need to rewrite Spritely for a number of reasons. It dates from very early days of Codea, and doesn’t take advantage of a number of features.

When I do, I should be able to get the size up without impacting performance.

Okay so for now its not possible to get bigger size without impacting the performance. Please correct me if I’m wrong…

The way Spritely is currently architected, it’s going to be unpleasant above about 48x48 pixels.

K thanks @Mark!!