Spritely Images

Can i somehow get spritely images in my Project so that i can Share it? I See many People are playing around with physics now, and i have a “guide” to Share, but all icons use spritely…


Go into spritely with the image and press the little paper with code on it. Select all the text and copy it. Then add function whatever() and paste the code on the next line. Then after the paste, add end. To get the image, use img = whatever() and then say sprite(img,x,y).

Oh cool, ill try it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you!..I finally got my sprite, I created through Spritely, to show up in my project. I had been struggling with that. :slight_smile: =D>

No problem :slight_smile: If only I created Spritely myself. Mark’s awsome. I’ve made some cool images with it.