Sprite making apps

Some people ( like me ) want to make there own sprites to put in there games. I know spritely is on the example projects but it’s hard to put them in your project.

Here is sprite something by Terrible Games and costs £ 2.99


And here is Part Art: Space by Arrall Austin and is free


@kirorp - this has come up on the forums before (try searching), and there seem to be plenty of drawing apps out there.

I just wish I had the talent to draw my own pictures!

I made my own drawing app for codea that way it saves in to codea documents, its quite easy to create a cell based drawing app

I really need to get around to rewriting Spritely. It’s embarrassingly clumsy in several respects. When I wrote it, I didn’t have a very good handle on either Lua or the best way to handle things on the iPad.

@Mark, the way it saves images could definitely be improved also.

Spritely might be a bit confusing for new users since it doesnt use save image functionality. Maybe need to clean up the examples area a bit? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d be all for purging Spritely as an example in these enlightened times.

Glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t figure out how to save a sprite. :wink:

@Noobatcoding Please refrain from attacking others. You comment has been removed.

I really like “sprite something”. It works well on the ipad and you can transfer it to codea.

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@Noobatcoding, yes I’m a newbie but theres no need to be like that.

btw its spelt ‘figure’.

I have used it in here… let me know your reviews: