Sprite Invaders

I wanted to whip up a quick demo of something using 8-bit art created in Spritely. This seemed an appropriate subject.

It’s by no means a complete game, but it captures something of the old look.



Full Screen too! Nice. Is it me or is the (player1) space craft upside down? Good work.

Couldn’t resist fiddling with it. Surprising that I’ve never tried to code this game before.

In any case, the invaders now shoot back, shields block shots (and get degraded) and essentially everything works. Still needs the saucer and the bomb generation needs some work, but it’s playable.


And… It’s done.

The saucer is there, along with nicer controls, general cleanup, and some little bits to help turn what started as a graphic demo into a complete game. If there are bug fixes, I’ll attend to them, but otherwise, I think it’s all there.


Have fun!

By the way, if someone can get up a screen shot, that would be great. I think this turned out fairly well.

My kid taught me the other day that if you click and hold power and the button on the iPad it takes a full screen picture.

I remember reading it after he said it.

He of course used it to take a picture off a screen of apps, changes my background to that, then pretends the iPad was broken. Devilchild :slight_smile:

Yes, that part’s not a problem, but how do embed an image here? I’ve tried normal img tag, and it doesn’t seem to like it.

You can embed with the following syntax

![Image Name](url)

For example

![My Image](http://twolivesleft.com/myImage.png)




I tried this out earlier today and loved it.

Great use of the image class. I was thinking about adding some retro sprite packs, but I think a combination of Spritely and images is a better solution.

Don’t know whats up. v030 My screen still inverted.

Heres a Screen Shot: http://i41.tinypic.com/9uvzf7.jpg

@MOS6581 - update your Codea, or the version of sprite invaders. In Codea 1.2.5 the sprites flipped over (so they’d match screen coordinates).

Ha! I love that image. As Bortels said, I suspect the problem is that you haven’t updated to 1.2.5 in which sprites did a headstand.

Yeah. Thats what it was. I updated and all is well. Gotta keep up. :slight_smile: Thanks All!