Sprite error when exporting

I am receiving this error every time I try to run my app. It occurs after the loading screen when I try to pick a character, the characters are loading and I am using them via dropbox sprite pack.

#3 0x000ab46b in -[SpriteManager spriteFileFromString:] at Codea/Runtime/Runtime/Data/SpriteManager.m:356

@mzrieker did you have sprites set to auto in the include assets when exporting to excode

@kirorp yes I did

@mzrieker Does the sprite load but when you click on a sprite you get the error or do you get it straight after the loading screen

As soon as I click on a sprite

@mzrieker Check if the sprites are not drawing constantly causing the program to quite due to the debugger or something. I’m just guessing now :stuck_out_tongue:

No they are