Split view multitasking for iPad?

Does this app support split view multitasking for the iPad Air 2?

If you’re using Codea, i.e. using the editor or running a project, you can display certain other apps that take up approx 1/3 or a little more of the screen. The Codea app will stop while you interact with the other app. If you tap the Codea side of the screen, it will expand to full screen and continue from where it was stopped. You can bring up the other app or another app any time you want. Both apps won’t run at the same time like they do on a PC. I’m using an iPad Air 1 but it probably doesn’t make a difference.

@dave1707 split-screen multitasking is only available on iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. Both apps run at the same time, unlike the slide-over feature we have on our Air 1s. The app has to explicitly support it tho.

Perhaps someone with an Air 2 or a Pro could answer this.

I have an Air 2 but haven’t tried this. I’m happy to test some code if someone provides it.

I’m thinking to buy this app. +yojimbo2000 yeah, you’re right, I mean split-screen.

Otherwise I just buy the app and see

@yojimbo2000 Thanks for the update. I didn’t know about the true split screen. Does that mean you can run 2 Codea apps and they can communicate with each other thru http or local/project/global data.

@Ignatz , to test it, open codea, swipe from the right side, open safari (just saying safari because I know it supports it), it should have 2/3 codea, 1/3 safari. From the safari, swipe from the left side of the safari window, and then it should run 50/50 with codea, and both should run at the same time (ie interact with both) if codea supports this.

Nooo, I just opened it but it doesn’t support split-screen multitasking. Could I use a beta version? Or does anyone know if this feature is coming? Hope so!

However, thanks for your help!
It’s just a nice app which misses one feature.

Just out of curiosity, what do you need split screen multitasking for?

Yes, I was wondering that, too. I’ve never used it yet.

Coding while watching TV. :slight_smile:

The app I use most often in slide over mode with Codea is a calculator app.