Spell check API

I’m working on a word game, and it would be great to have access to the native ios spell check.

Something like validWord(string) that returned true or false would be perfect.

This should give you an idea of why am asking. “Scram” combines a Scrabble-style board arrangement with Boggle-ish fast action as you race to build a bridge of words that will lead you to the next screen.

scram image

Right now, I’m using a rather clumsy text library divided into chunks and tested by string match. It works,but it’s far from ideal. Being able to use the built in spell check would be great.

And darn. Dropbox wont seem to let you look at the image directly, but requires that you go to the link. Anyone have a slick trick for getting your screenshot from iPad to web in a way that makes it viewable?

If im not mistaken, the image IO example demonstrates how to download a image

@Mark that looks very interesting. I suspect that we don’t have access to the iOS dictionary — the way it works is that native text views can have “autocorrect” enabled or disabled (and have a “define” option). But this is all done through internal APIs that are not made public for developers to use.

Although from my understanding there should be special scrabble dictionaries to use for these sorts of games. I imagine they are available for free on the web, too.

I’ve implemented a 60k word dictionary by combining a couple of free sources, doing a little formatting, editing, and general surgery. Then I simply put the words into 26 massive strings, one per letter, and put each string in a seperate file. Works dandy.

Pretty well the whole game is in place but for some bells and whistles. I’ll post a thread this weekend, and make the dictionary files available if anyone is trying to create something in this category.