Speed improvements in the physics engine.

Hi everyone, I guess you all have noticed the nice 2.0 on the roadmap sticky! Well one of the features of Codea 2.0 was the speed up of collisions in box2D and I think liquid fun is being incorporated in to box2D for it. These features weren’t on the roadmap so it makes me wonder if they are coming or not. Also are there speed improvements/stability improvements in this new version?

All of the new stuff sound great. Can’t wait to try it. Also happy about the double precision floating point. I won’t have to switch programming apps when I want to write code that needs higher precision math.

EDIT: Something changed and I’m not sure why. Anytime I tap on a discussion title, the word “option” shows on the right side. I then have to tap the title again to open it. That used to happen only on discussions that I created and no one else’s. Now it’s on all of them.

Yeah I get the option to dismiss threads that aren’t my own, don’t know what use that is surely you would just not click the thread? @-) And the 64 bit precision is going to be great, reduce my NaNs!

@Luatee I tapped on my name to bring up my stats. I’m now listed as a Member, Moderator and Beta Tester. That explains it since I just signed up as a Beta Tester. Not sure why I’m a Moderator.

@dave1707 Congratulations <:-P You earned it! I’m pretty sure it’s not a mishap anyway, I don’t think anyone helps as much as you do on these forums with the activity and ninja time coding!
Edit: Is there any news on liquid fun in beta or otherwise?

@dave1707 Congratulations!

LiquidFun is not coming in v2.0, sadly. That’s confirmed.

How do you get into the Beta? I really need sounds for some of my games…

@Zoyt ahh that’s not good, I wanted to create a water emitter for my sandbox and pipes for fluid mechanics! If its quick enough why not add plumbing to the mix, although the joints for pipes could be hard to replicate…

@SkyTheCoder - It’s coming soon…
@Luatee - I was looking forward to seeing it in your game… Oh well.

@Zoyt Ah, the famous “soon”. For those who have seen the movie, “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”, “soon” is used to great comic effect!

Hopefully, TTL’s real soon is sooner. :wink:

@syntonica - Never seen it. it’s all up to Simeon when it’s released. I have no idea when. My suggestion: Just keep checking Codea Commits. He usually say when it’s submitted.

@Zoyt Great movie worth checking out if you get a chance. I think it’s on Netflix.

Just the fact that he’s posted about 2.0 tells me it’s probably ready, just needs a few more hours of having gorillas jump on it and throw it about, trying to break it. I’m happy to wait, although I am excited as my project is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment, waiting to see what’s coming…

@syntonica - Are you accusing me of being a gorilla? :slight_smile:

@Zoyt - no, I think he’s talking about the way they test code at his work. I’d be worried…

@syntonica I guess I’m one of those gorillas jumping on it trying to break it. It may be frustrating waiting for a new release to come out, but it would be a lot more frustrating to have it come out before it’s ready. Then have everyone saying this doesn’t work or that’s not how that is supposed to work. It takes time to find things, and from past experience, some thing are easy for them to fix and somethings aren’t. I myself would rather have everything working then not.

@Ignatz @Zoyt @dave1707. Just my sense of humor showing. I was thinking of an old luggage commercial.

And, yes, I really am happy to wait during the beta testing period. I’ll use an RC, but I want to know something’s been well stress-tested before I use it. I even avoid .0 OS releases from Apple. I wait for the .1 these days. My days of bleeding edge have long passed…

@syntonica That was the funnest thing I’ve heard all week. Just picturing huge digital gorillas going ham on a data file was enough to make me burst out laughing.