Just got 2 spam messages from

Just got one from the same as Doffer.

Got an email from mara as well. Subject line was: [Codea] mara sent you a message

The email had NOTHING to do with Codea. It included a twolivesleft link (that I did NOT click on):

I include it here in hopes it may help clear up the mess

Yeah, I noticed I had two as well. Rotten Spammers…

Spammers are finding new ways… Captcha for pm? :-t

I actually got the Miss Mara message on another forum that uses the same Vanilla software, might be time to see if there are any security updates as well.

I got the Miss Mara message too

Sorry about that, everyone. I deleted that account yesterday. @juaxix is right — we’ll need to look into some sort of protection for PMs, or an update to Vanilla.

Wow a lot

A Robot:Kill all spammer’s […]

Hi @Simeon, more spammers coming in… and Febtermjeft

Thanks, accounts deleted.

Lot of new spammers…looks like they found a honeypot…

You should turn some members of the forum in spam-killers…

Thanks @juaxix, I’ve deleted the accounts (and more). I should turn you into a spam killer — though I’m not sure if the forum permissions are granular enough. I’ll have to look at it.

That’s weird, the Captcha on this forum was so good I almost couldn’t get in (was really really hard to read) and after refreshing a few times and failing twice I finally got signed up.

I swear I’m a human.

.@Heather yeah I’m finding those Captchas ridiculously hard lately, too. I suspect the spammers come through linked Google or OpenID accounts.

Ok, then.

Is it just me, or have spammers increased recently? The entire activity page is spam…

Damn. Thanks @Jordan, I’ll clean them up.

I added an anti-bot question to the sign up page but it appears to have stopped having an effect.