I think it is a good time to add captcha in the sign up form…
Users like:
are spam bots…check out the recent activity of the web:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, @Juaxix. Unfortunately there is a captcha required to log-in. I could add an approval process.

I don’t know if there’s an addon for Vanilla 2 for this, but on Vanilla 1 there was an addon which added an email verification step. This helps keeps them at bay.

I’ve changed the sign-up process to require admin approval. Anyone who signs up will get approved unless they’re a spammer.

Edit: Also deleted all the spam bot accounts. So many of them.

I noticed that too… It was strange… What about the Cinderella movies and that bot’s children?

The problem persists…
just add a simple question like “how much is 1 + 2?” or “which color is the sky?”, the headache for all spam bot programmer

@juaxix there is a captcha, but unfortunately it seems to do nothing. I’ll look into a system like you describe.

Too bad they don’t have an add-on that does that… Oh well. But this shows how famous Codea has gotten… We have spammers. (There’s a silver lining to every cloud). But the spammer part isn’t good.

Almost every (wordpress) blog has daily attacks from spammers, they get here and there by using regular expression and search engines, because of the good SEO of this CMS, not the famous level…

I know, but forums much harder to find on offsite pages for spammers. Like this one.

Still happening…

Accounts deleted, thanks @juaxix

Just deleted a spam comment from that user on the Math Thingy thread.

Good catch. I’ve just deleted two spam comments by that user.

2 more:

Deleted them, thanks.