Spacewar, soon to be on the App store.

It’s on codea community. The sprites are on my home we server, so in theory they’ll download for you. If you have a spiffier way of sharing code that uses custom sprites I’d be glad to hear it.

It’s a two player game on one iPad

Here is a short clip of it.

The explosion code is not mine, but I don’t know whose it is. If it is yours please let me know so I can give you credit via a comment in the source code for it.

Very nice, I copied the code but the sprites don’t load for me :frowning:

But the video is cool, I used to love the old Space War arcade game, me and a friend spent a fortune on it. The most fun part for me was sometimes when you got hit, fragments of your ship would break off and the ship would be slower to fly. That seemed really cool at the time.

@MrScience101, those explosions look like you took them from Bit Invader, which I’m relatively certain was written by Simeon himself, so it is likely the explosion code is his

@tyson, sorry. All those images are supposed to be at, I still haven’t figured out a good way to share sprites. If you know of one please let me know.

@jakattak, figures it would be from him :slight_smile:

@MrScience101 - nice one. I had a quick look at your prototype of this in the 50 line challenge the other day and thought it was great. When’s it getting published?

@ScottDafydd - He claims it’s “soon to be on the App store”, so it’s probably already submitted.

@mrscience101 check that for saving your sprites in your code

I love the idea of multiplayer games with a single ipad Looks like the idea I had for a game but it was single player never got around to making it plus I’m not very experienced with codea/lua. Getting this game once it’s on the App Store.

Ignatz wrote some code which loaded your sprites from a website, he allowed me to use it in my slot machine so I’m sure he’d allow you to use it too.

Here is the link:

@ScottDafydd yes it is in the waiting for review status, which takes apple awhile, plus I still have a bug to work out so I’ll probably have to resubmit it right after it comes out.

@GLaDOS, please don’t buy it, I don’t want anyone on the forums to pay money for it. I’ll send you a code and anyone else who wants one to redeem it for free on the App Store. I was hoping people who own Codea could simply get the source code and run it.

@Jmv38 and @Tyson thank you so much, I’ll see if I can’t get one of those ways to work.

So no one has been able to get it to run as it is written now on Codea Community?

@MrScience101 - cool. Do you know how long the review stage takes? I think I read somewhere else that it’s around two weeks but I can’t verify that. I also like the idea of using the iPad screen for two player games - from fairly inactive board style games to more energetic types such as air hockey and snap!

@MrScience101 I downloaded the graphics from your site and remapped them. It runs fine after that. I just need a victim in order to get the full experience. No willing competitors in-house at the moment.

@MrScience101, I modified your load images code and it works fine now too. I’ll share it with you so you can publish it with working image download.

Edit: shared it via CC

@ScottDafydd Presuming your app does not contain anything that is even remotely suspicious, it takes between 6-9 days on average. If they see something that potentially violates their agreements, it can take up to 4-6 weeks before they approve or disapprove the app.

@Pops, thanks for letting me know. Sorry you had to remap the graphics.

@JakAttak, Totally amazing. Thank you so much. I really, really, appreciate it. I have updated Codea Community with the code you shared with me and put your name on the source code of the LoadImage tab. Again, thank you.

@ScottDafydd, @MrScience101 - I found this useful and hit it right on:

@Zoyt, that is really neat!

Will it be availeble for ios5? Because i want to buy it to

@Jessevanderheide, no need to buy it. I will send you a code when it is done, so you can have it for free. We just updated it, so now thanks to JakAttak, the images will download. If you have codea you should be able to copy and paste the code, so you can get it and the code for free:

@MrScience101 thanks!

@MrScience101 i just had a look at the code, and it seems like you could change some things, for instance, the help text says you can only use 1 finger each, tho you didn’t limit the touches to 1 for each player… (I could give you a hand with that…)
Also, the ‘?’ button’s kinda acting… weird…?

Also, why not create a general button class instead of defining each button touch and draw seperatly? It’s easyer to overview later on if you do it with a class