a (maybe silly) question:

i want to generate a sound. in the soun example i noticed, that every time you eg. write


a RANDOM pickup sound is played. can i somehow influence this? because i would like to play a specific sound every time, and the same. please help!

Just use sound(SOUND_PICKUP, seed) where seed is the number used to generate the sound

thank you! but is there any cind of directory?

So, for example, sound(SOUND_PICKUP, 1234).

There’s a really cool feature coming in 1.3 that addresses this.

Edit: @Maxiking16 no directory because the sounds are randomly generated. However we’ve made it much easier to “audition” them in the next update.

In the meantime, here’s some code I threw together for myself to test out sounds. Just copy and paste it into a new project, and you’ll have a very basic soundtesting app. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Uses the awesome and hopefully soon equally obsolete font code by Bortels of course. :smiley: )

Awesome! Thank you! Great :slight_smile: