Sound glitch?

For some reason, some of the sound files in my asset packs don’t make any sound. I don’t know why this is, and was hoping some one else would. They were working before, and just won’t anymore.

Make sure your ringer is up.

The thing is, some of the sounds always work, while others IN THE SAME APP will randomly not work, and when I check them in the Asset Packs file they won’t do anything. I exported it to Xcode, and they always work there, I was just wondering if anyone else had the same trouble.

@LaserGate_coder iOS 8 glitch with Codea?

@LaserGate_coder Can you give the name of some sounds that work and don’t work to see if others have the same problem.

I have the exact same problem. A bunch of specific sounds (the majority, in fact) in the asset packs will go silent at certain points, and audible at others, while others are aways audible. ie pressing the play icon in the asset manager makes no sound, neither does calling sound() in your code. There is a consistent pattern to which are always audible and which ones go silent, a given run of sounds (ie in the alphabetical order the asset manager displays them in) will always stay audible, another run will often go silent.

As silent ones are in the majority, to save time, I’ve listed below the runs of sounds that are always audible in Game Sounds One :

everything from:

1-2 Go through to 1-2-3 Go,

Assembly 1 thru to Bell 2,

Crowd boo thru to Crowd Sad,

Pop 1 thru to Pop 2,

WHeel 1 thru to Whoosh 3

…is audible all the time, while all the other sounds stay silent most of the time.

The exact same sort of pattern occurs in the A Hero’s Quest pack.

@LaserGate_coder, is the pattern for Game SOunds One the same for you as for me?

I just tried “Games Sounds One” and every sound played when I pressed the play icon. I even went thru it several times trying each one and they all played. I don’t have the other 2 packages loaded because I don’t want to use up memory since I don’t mess with sounds. I’m on iOS 8.1.1, but I don’t remember having a problem with the one package when I loaded it with iOS 7 .

I’m on iOS 8.1.1 on an iPad Air

I’m on an iPad Air also.

I’m afraid the sound bug is still present in 2.1. If I turn the iPad off and on, then I am able to listen to all of the sounds in the asset browser, but as soon as I run a project, it reverts to the pattern described above, where the majority of sounds go silent. All of the A Hero’s Quest sounds go silent.

@yojimbo2000 this seems like a tricky one. I’m not getting the issue here but I imagine there could be a number of causes. Do you use any other sound-related apps on your device? Anything that might give a clue where to start looking.

@yojimbo2000 - do the sounds play ok in an exported app (in the simulator) or have you tried copying the project to an other iPad and running it there?

@yojimbo2000 that pattern sounds right.

I’m on iPad mini

Sorry for the delay in replying

@Simeon yes, I have a tonne of sound apps, Cubasis, AudioBus, lots of synths and guitar amp modellers, effects etc. But if I’ve turned my iPad off and on, and Codea is the first thing I’ve launched, that shouldn’t make a difference, should it?

@TechDojo I don’t have another iPad to test on, and I’m not yet ready to start exporting projects (need to clear up some space on my mac to install xcode), but I guess I will be doing that at some stage.

It’s interesting that it’s always the exact same set of sounds. Is there any way to examine the bundled or downloaded sound files and the other assets? For instance, I’d like to know whether all the sound effects are the same file type.

Sound issue also affects generated sounds. Just now the drum machine demo was silent. Nothing plays in the generated sound panel at the moment. Can’t work out what makes it start and stop working. Both “sound effects” volume and regular volume on the iPad are up.

This might be a separate issue, but when the generated sounds panel in the asset picker is working, sometimes it will stop registering new input. You can still move all the sliders, but they stop affecting the sound, and it just plays the same sound.

This is the only Codea glitch I’ve encountered do far.

Since the update to iOS 8.1.3, sounds have been working fine in Codea for me. @LaserGate_coder have you tried using sounds in 8.1.3 yet?

@Simeon I have no other sound-related apps at all.

@yojimbo200 iOS 8.1.3 might be the cause, but I’ve been having no further issues.

I had the same issue in iOS 7 too