Some suggestions

I figured I wouldn’t make a new post for each feature request, so here’s a list:

–The ability to set the screen coordinate system :
Currently the coordinates start at 0,0 at the bottom left, whereas I’m used to having 0,0 being top left if I’m working in screen space on other platforms. This means that some simple box collision tests will have to be slightly modified if you’re using the same code elsewhere.

–The ability to clear the “print” buffer :
Either from code or GUI.
If you spam lots, this can slow the frame down considerably.

–The ability to get the default width and height of an image resource :
You might be able to do this already, but I couldn’t find how in the docs after a quick skim.

–In game text rendering with custom fonts (from an image) :
I saw that this is in the FAQ, but custom font sheets wasn’t mentioned.

–Implement the “undo” button :
This is a bit of a must, the amount of times I’ve had to retype code because of a mis-delete is embarrassing.

Thanks all,

+1 Especially for Undo

Definitely need undo/redo!

Hey wshack you can use this to change the origin before drawing:

– save matrix


– sets origin to be top left

translate(0, HEIGHT)

– flips y coordinates


– drawing code goes here


– restore original matrix


+1 for undo

Well, AFAIK, any apps should have been supported by iOS standard text editing undo/redo through the Undo button on the virtual keyboard. I don’t know why it doesn’t work in Codea’s editor.

  • 100 or undo redo

The standard Undo button only works for simple text editing, not stuff like copy and paste. Will definitely look at rectifying this after some of the higher priority feature requests (text rendering, custom sprites, fullscreen mode, sharing)

To john:
Thanks, I completely missed those functions.


Another idea :slight_smile:
You already show function markers in the editor itself. Is it maybe possible, to show them in the autocompletition advises as well?

Tapsi: yes this is a good one. Also the name of the file itself will be inserted into the autocomplete dictionary.

Also please make the filename tab a bit more higher. With current height it’s a bit hard to tap it precisely. :slight_smile:

+5 for bigger tabs (and buttons in general) - I have big fingers, and I have to try to hit certain buttons (the arrow in the upper-left to go back to the main Codify page is particularly teensy) will often take me a few tries. I am actually somewhat surprised Apple didn’t push back on those given their look-and-feel guidelines.

Yeah someone mentioned getting rid of the status bar and making the tabs bigger. Seems like the way to go.