Some nice Codea press on GigaOm!

Hey gang, looks like Om Malik andErica over at GigaOm took our article idea and ran with it. Even interviewed my buddy Mitch at MIT!

I’ll be curious to see if there is any affect on sales or the approval process. ( also Simeon, you might consider offering Erica and the GigOm people some number of discount coupons to post on their site or something. Usually 50 to 100 is typical)


And you don’t do too badly out of it either! (Assuming that you are the real Phillip Alvelda.)

The tone is absolutely right: Codea has great potential in teaching. I’m using it to devise little simulations/stuff for lecturing (witness my complex plane explorer and pendulum simulator), and designing simple things for my kids to work with (anagrams and hangman). As well as being able to tailor the stuff specifically to my needs (for example, choosing the word lists for the anagram program according to the books they are actually reading), they can watch me actually write the program and bring in ideas, hopefully leading to them wanting to program it themselves.

Just read it, thanks for putting us in touch, @alvelda!

I’ll send her some promo codes (that’s what you meant?). Unfortunately apple only gives us 50, so I will send as many as I can.

@Andrew it sounds like you are doing awesome things with Codea and teaching. Are there any teaching specific features you’d like? It would be good to have them on the tracker so we can keep them in mind.