some ideas for improvements in the next update

first of all thank you for all the previous updates ( especially for me ) voice synthesis and json…

i think few functions could be very helpful :

  • the parameter zone should be right ( because the arm of a right-handed cover the whole screen )
    perhaps : parameterMode(left/right)

  • debug function : halt(a,c,var1…) freeze function then cont function to run
    the running pause and we can see in print zone the values of variables a, c , var1 for example
    very useful to find an error

  • in the bottom menu ( start, stop, record ) we can add :
    fps, memory, …

  • in my dreams I 'd like a face recognition ( and biometric data to recognize a particular person )

  • blender obj loader

  • graphical user interface

  • midi supported

thanks a lot for all work. codea is my preferred application.

Face recognition is extremely difficult. I think you’ll have to wait for Apple to do the heavy lifting on biometrics.

I’ve written an obj loader you can use

what exactly do you mean by GUI?


it is hoped since Apple made ??great progress with fingerprint authentication.

yes your obj loader would deserve to be included in CODEA.

for gui it’s a philosophical question…

  • for game’s project i think we have all you need to create a nice interactive menu a bit futuristic ( 2D or 3D ) with sonor effect

  • but for simple utilitary application or simple game, you lose 80 % of his time
    ( for exemple i have created 2 apps for revise its solfege ( i ve created ugly buttons without neither glossy nor rounded ) )

i think cider controls 1.6 ( for me better than cider 7 ) from mark summer

but with colors, rounded corner, glossy, gradient, numberspinner, rolllist, scrollbox,dialog

as we can see here, lot of authors have added many features :

the problem is that it is not homogeneous at all.

i have tried to created my gui but it involves including a phenomenal number of png images for each project.

@hpsoft Facial recognition is much more difficult than fingerprint recognition, but you could do it in Codea, it would just be slow.

MIDI support would be nice though, I would like to port my Java Launchpad library to Codea :smiley:

Regarding face detection: Apple has a built-in face detection API we could leverage. So it’s not a difficult feature to bring into Codea.

I completely agree on the GUI, however I’m still designing possible APIs. I’m very taken with React’s approach and have been experimenting in Lua.

I like the idea of FPS, memory and debugging built-in.

Please! Please! Please! Add search beside lookup in cut/copy/paste menu --saves tap copy, tap search button, tap search field to get paste menu then tap paste to finally search. Thank you

@CodingOnNapkins good suggestion. I like it. Log it in the issue tracker as a feature request?

It’s great when app builders take time to “really” listen to their app users and try and accommodate them as best possible, thanks Simon! Mine is a basic yet it seems maybe restricted or already available request? Anyhoo I enjoy a little bit of OCDing my way through life and would really like to setup my own file/folder system, instead of having so many icons all over the home page, the Twat inside can tidy things up as he wishes by dragging a file icon onto another and hence creating a folder containing both files which can be renamed.(both file and folder, without need for workaround or duplication first). I regret maybe such a basic function like this is already possible and I managed to waste everyone’s time, but if not surely it could be an option please @Simon. I prefer to backup only to external sites and use local file management systems like e.g.: tech-basic’s for my sanity. And overall efficiency really. And redundancy. And aesthetics. And, well you get the picture.

I have two features that I’d find great. The first being folders in the project browser. Having 50 or so random projects just lying around, it’s hard to find something your looking for or find a big project to reference code from. The second would be a native restore function. My idea would be you have a setting switch in the setting menu where you choose the light dark editor etc, then codea would mark any changes after a set amount of time or characters, and you would have 10 recent images to restore from. Once you have more then ten, the top 4 or so would be recent images, the bottom 6 would be long term (the 4 and the 6 could vary based on the length of the project). I know this would be a big feature, but it would making large risky changes to programs easier to do. Rather then having to make a copy or backing up to codea community, you could just write and go, if it screws everything up you could just backup. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I think Mr_Ninja has a good suggestion, folders would be good, tiding up the browser. Another good thing would be to add a FPS meter beside the play, pause,etc. buttons. Also, it would be good if projects downloaded as gist containing a .lua file could be opened directly in Codea. I had been downloading gist projects on my MacBook, and after extracting the .lua files I have to open it in some app like pages, copy the text and make some Pages file, then airdrop it, then again opening it in Pages on my iPad, copying the text again and pasting it in a new project. If I could airdrop the .lua file and open it directly in Codea, that would be great.
I also think if I could reorder the tabs of a project in AirCode directly, it would be nice.

My #1 desire is autocomplete that works across dependencies.

It would make it so much easier to benefit from all the great code people have shared.