[SOLVED] Bug with retina devices

This one’s a little twisty, so please bear with me.

If I set smooth()/noSmooth() in the draw() function before I draw anything, meshes appear to be drawn with the correct setting. However, if I have pushed the style, and then call smooth()/noSmooth() before drawing my mesh, it seems as though the smooth setting is ignored, and the mesh will be drawn with whatever smoothing was specified before I pushed the style. This only happens on retina devices, everything seems to work as expected on non-retina devices. Also, this only happens with meshes…sprites drawn using the sprite() command behave as expected. This can be reproduced in the simulator.

edit: nevermind, I’m an idiot.

Ugh…nevermind everything, I’ve figured out what my issue was. Due to the other issue I mentioned yesterday where @2x versions of images were not being saved out on retina devices, I have been using a workaround that re-renders the image using setContext(). So, what’s going on is, whatever the filtering method was whenever I rendered the image into a new context is what the filtering method appeared to be whenever I rendered that image to the screen. Sorry for the confusion, please disregard this post.