Small editor bug

This is minor, but…
When i open an existing project and i just switch between tabs, without writing anthing, the displayed tab content does not update.
If i tap in the content, then the content updates to show selected tab content.
If it tab another tab title, the content does not update.
If i tap in the content and write 1 character, then everything id ok: tab content updates when i select another tab.
So this bug is really minor: it goes away as soon as you start typing in one tab. But sometimes it just want to read without modifying a project => i have noticed that bug.

I had this happen yesterday and thought i was just seeing things. I do not recall seeing this before the update.

I’ve also seen this happen, if its of any use to TLL to debug, I’m using an iPad mini

I’ve already reported the bug to @Simeon. See this link, this might be the same thing.